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insert oddity

Consider any empty keyed table t; insert of another empty tablewith the appropriate structure (e.g., t itself) will fail with a typeerrorbut upsert will succeed. I am a bit nonplussed by this behaviour;what is the rationale?q)t:([a:0#0n];b:0#`)q)upse...

annakh71 by New Contributor
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Quering Complex Column Data

I am having trouble with searching for a value in a column which is oftype simple list.Here is the table schemacom:([id:()] l:())with sample data as`com upsert(1;1 2)`com upsert(2;3 4)`com upsert(5;6 7 8)and if i do select from com i getid| l--| ----...

bharani by New Contributor
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loading table with foreign keys

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bharani by New Contributor
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hdb creation

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andyturk by New Contributor
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poll: k|q

Poll for experienced k/q programmers:1. Does k dominate your code vs q?2. Do you prefer k to q in general?3. Would you recommend a new user focus on k rather than q?In the spirit of k, please present responses as a boolean vector oflength 3 (e.g., 11...

k_os_tao by New Contributor
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