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kdb+4.0 released

Kdb+ 4.0 (formerly 3.7t) has now reached production status and is available on ondemand.kx.com.Highlights include:Multithreaded primitivesData at rest encryptionProfilerOptane SupportDebugger enhancements An executive summary of features can be found...

charlie by New Contributor II
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Expert approach to solve a game

Hello, while in my fifth day of COVID19 reclusion at home I like playing a free little game called Clever Mines and I'd like to know how a q expert would approach this problem:It has several modes and levels, but Iike playing triangle cells mode and ...

Francisco by New Contributor
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Transferring Large Data From Server to Client

I am trying to implement a function to load large chunks of data, let's say 1 billion rows, and load it into my local KDB+ instance. So far here is what I have:\d .importerfetch_data:{[table_names;batch_size;data_date] / (0) Open remote connection h:...

Retrieve maximum lesser than x from table.

I have different verisons of a ID in a table , I want to retrieve the rows having data of the input version and data of its previous maximum version from a table. I tried following but it gives me wrong data as there may be versions greater than x. S...