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Partitoned files?

Hi,I am a bit confused about these (in bold) in the glossary. https://code.kx.com/q/basics/glossary/#splayed-table says:To limit the size of individual files, and to speed searches, it is common to splay a large table by storing its columns as separa...

dotsch by New Contributor
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Is the callbacks example correct in "Q for Mortals"?

Trying this example:https://code.kx.com/q4m3/1_Q_Shock_and_Awe/#120-example-asynchronous-callbacksOn server:rsvp:{[arg;cb] show arg; (neg .z.w) (cb; 43); show `done;}On client:(neg h) (`rsvp; 42; `echo)The server displays 42 as advertised, but the cl...

dmitri14 by New Contributor
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Comparison of columns in a table

I have a table A. I want to get a diff of columns and it's values based on IDs passed. Basically, based on 2 values of one column I want those columns/values which contains different values.

confusing get/match behaviour

Hi,I have a splayed table in `:tbl/.q) `:tbl/ set ([]a:1 2 3;s:"abc")Why am I getting different results based on tailing / ?q){get[x]~select from x}`:tbl 1b q){get[x]~select from x}`:tbl/ 0b Actually, why does get return something different or why do...

dotsch by New Contributor
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