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Using \l Within Tickerplant Process

Hey Qbies, I have a file, engineFunctions.q, containing functions and a table that I want to load within a Tickerplant subprocess (in my cx.q file).I'm attempting to load the file as such:if[x~"ProcessName"; \l path/engineFunctions.q ] ^^ gives me `\...

Rolling Delta?

Hey Everyone, I'm trying to achieve a rolling delta so that I can see how much movement has occurred after a timestamp. In other words, for each trade in my table I want to know where the market was x minutes after the event. I have a pretty basic ta...

planefan by Contributor
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How to format sv for variable usage??

Hey Everyone, I'm trying to retrieve a trade table from path location built using sv.I want to use symbol variable "name" to complete the path.e.g:path:` sv `:C:/q/start/tick`name`trades;I get a type error when running the above.When I try to cast "n...

planefan by Contributor
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Import of Reddit data in a JSON format from pushshift.io

Hi All,I am looking at Reddit data to carry out some analysis on social networks. I'm sourcing my data from the following site:https://files.pushshift.io/reddit/comments/(Thanks to jason)The site contains a set of JSON files in zips of various types....