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kdb interface c, example

New Contributor
Hi I was following the tutorial of kdb-c-api-exmaple First I setup the tickerplant as Then I use the example c client subscribe to the tickerplant, but upon receiving data in the client, right after "tbl = kK(r)[2]->k;", I found tbl->t is "101", which it is expected to be "98"? Do I miss something here? Thanks

New Contributor
The example is running at windows, also I run the first Query example, and got the return result->t as "1", NOT 98 or 99 as the following comments:

if(result->t!=99&&result->t!=98) // accept table or dict

Thanks for hints!

can you post your code and your query?
ta, jack

Thanks effbiae! I just downloaded the codes from timestored's pubic tutorial page. It works fine now.

New Contributor
I made a silly error, forget to set KXVER version. Now example work well. Thanks