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Valued Contributor

Former KX Chief Scientist Dave Thomas on the Tech Lead Journal podcast this summer:

We want to write as little software as possible, and we want it to have as much value as possible. If you actually focus on that, it means you have to be close to your customer.

In this episode, Dave shared about his personal research, 42D, on ideas we can use to develop high-value software rapidly. He started by describing the current developer’s productivity challenges and touched on the idea that big is not better, relating to the size of the team and code base, and how development tools are becoming more complicated and complex. We then discussed the importance of developers understanding domain knowledge, leveraging tools such as decision tables and spreadsheets, and how the choice of programming language actually matters. Towards the end, Dave shared about using a data-centric approach to deal with legacy systems and his perspective on query as the future of programming.

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