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Hey all, 
Like it no doubt has been for most of you, my last month has been a hazy fever dream of playing wordle with anyone and everyone who will compete with me. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, I have only one question for you, how is everything going under that rock? 👀

If you go to the reading room section of people have supplied cool tools for solving other puzzles out there, like scrabble or (what I am now learning, some people refer to as) klondike #mindblown.

I wanted to check if anyone is working on a solution for wordle, if you check out the scrabble link there is a cool txt file you can curl to get a word list (supplied by 🙌.


system "curl"


Should get us started, the idea being 'build a tool kit to give you the optimum word to submit at every point' and ultimately solve the the puzzle in the fewest number of iterations.

Obviously, there is some element of luck involved at the opening level, so I am wishing you all bonne chance and bon courage!