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Something for the weekend?

A challenge for the weekend? Something from the Vector Dōjō… A single-expression function to replace multiple embedded spaces in a string with single spaces. E.g. q)rmeb "the quick brown fox" "the qui...


My guitar homework

Q derives from the mathematical notation Ken Iverson developed at Harvard. Years before, when Ken was a young man in Alberta, a farmer he worked for asked him if he knew how to use a certain tool. Ken...


AOC 2022: Stairway to heaven

The first six days of this year’s Advent of Code challenge are now written up at Study Q. I’ve trawled q solutions from multiple sources to extract maximum joy, and explored and discussed variations. ...


AOC 2022 midway roundup

Half way through this year’s Advent of Code challenge and, like many others, I’m struggling to keep up. But there is much to learn from the top guns, so I’m hanging in there. I’ve just scraped solutio...


Nick Psaris and the q language

On the latest episode of the ArrayCast podcast, our guest Nick Psaris, author of Q Tips and Fun Q, explains why q is such a good language for Big Data, and gaining employment through array-language ex...


Stevan Apter on the Array Cast

Legendary developer Stevan Apter, of No Stinking Loops, is our guest on episode 26 of the Array Cast podcast, talking about working with k and q. “Apter – NOW we’re talking.” — Simon Garland


All that jazz: The librarian’s song

Because q is a proprietary language, most of us know it as a language we learned in order to query large datasets. But q is a general-purpose programming language. The 32-bit interpreter is free for n...